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Aluminium roofing sheets, also known as corrugated aluminum roofing sheets, pressed aluminum sheets, aluminum tiles, etc., are extruded on the basis of aluminum sheets to form a corrugated state. Different colors can be obtained through surface treatment.

Common colors of aluminium roofing sheets are blue, Rot, Grün, Schwarz, Weiss, orange, usw.

Aluminium corrugated roofing sheet
Aluminium corrugated roofing sheet

Common alloy models of aluminium corrugated roofing sheets are 3003 Aluminium, 1060 Aluminium, 3004 Aluminium, 5052 Aluminium, 6063 Aluminium, 6061 Aluminium, 7075 Aluminium, usw. Different series and different specifications of corrugated roofing sheets have different prices. Welcome Inquiry.

Why choose aluminum corrugated roofing sheet

Aluminum roofing sheets are made of aluminum alloy material, the common form is aluminum corrugated roofing sheets (Aluminium-Welldachplatten). This type of shingle has a wide range of applications in construction and industry, and its benefits include:

Lightweight and corrosion-resistant: Aluminum corrugated roofing sheets are lighter than other metal roof materials, which makes construction easier. At the same time, the aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance and is not easy to be oxidized by moisture, which prolongs the service life of the roof board.

Good wind resistance: The corrugated structure of aluminum alloy corrugated roof panels enhances its wind resistance, making it better able to withstand wind pressure and wind loads under harsh weather conditions.

Beautiful and durable: Aluminum corrugated roofing sheet can choose different colors and textures according to design needs, providing a beautiful appearance for the building. Darüber hinaus, the durability of aluminum alloy allows the shingles to maintain their beauty for a long time without frequent maintenance.

Environmentally friendly and recyclable: Aluminum alloy is a recyclable material, and the use of aluminum roof panels can help reduce the consumption of natural resources and reduce the environmental burden.

Aluminum corrugated roofing sheets are widely used

Residential buildings: aluminum corrugated roofing sheets are suitable for all types of residential buildings, including villas, bungalows and apartments.

Aluminium corrugated roofing sheet application
Aluminium corrugated roofing sheet application

Commercial Buildings: Aluminum roof panels are widely used in commercial buildings, such as office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, usw.

Industrial buildings: In buildings such as industrial plants, warehouses and workshops, aluminum corrugated roofing sheet are also commonly used as roofing materials.

Agricultural buildings: Aluminum roofing sheets are often used in agricultural greenhouses, livestock farms and other places because of their advantages in light weight, corrosion resistance and light transmission.

Temporary buildings: Aluminum corrugated roofing sheet can also be used in temporary buildings, such as mobile homes, exhibition halls and temporary parking sheds.

Allgemein, aluminum roof panels have become one of the popular choices in modern construction and industrial fields due to their superior performance and diverse application fields.

Factors Affecting the Price of Aluminum Roof Sheets

  • 1. The price of aluminum raw materials
  • 2. Processing cost of aluminum roof panels
  • 3. Exchange rate of RMB to US dollar (Euro)
  • 4. Shipping costs


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