The usages of aluminum roofing sheet

Roofing aluminum panels, also known as profiled aluminum panels, corrugated aluminum roof panels or aluminum tiles, are often used in construction. The common thickness of roofing aluminum panels is 0.5-5.0 mm.

Common types of aluminium roofing sheets are long span aluminium roofing sheets, short span aluminium roofing sheets, stepped tile aluminium roofing sheets, stone coated aluminium roofing sheets, painted corrugated metal roofing sheets and zinc aluminium roofing sheets.

The usages of aluminum roofing sheet

Popular sizes are 10′ Corrugated Metal Roof, 12′ Metal Roof Sheet, 14′ Metal Roof Sheet, 16′ Corrugated Metal Roof and 4×8 Sheet Metal Roof.

With such a rich variety and specifications, zinc-aluminum roofing panels are widely used in many fields:

  • 1. Roofing and wall decoration of industrial and civil buildings.
  • 2. Warehouses, special buildings and large-span steel structures.
  • 3. Airports, railway station waiting rooms, conference rooms, opera houses.
  • 4. Shipbuilding
  • 5. Aviation processing industry
  • 6. Decoration of commodity display counters

In these applications, aluminum curtain walls are favored by many designs due to their unique texture, rich colors, excellent plasticity, variety of forms, and weather resistance.

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The specific use process of aluminum roof