Steel & Aluminium Roof Sheets

Aluminum is extremely resistant to corrosion caused by seawater, while steel is more sensitive to seawater damage over time.

It is also lighter than steel if weight is the key factor in determining the roofing material for a project.

Its strength-to-weight ratio is the highest in the world, which is why aircraft designers use aluminum for the fuselage. This particular thinness also means that the aluminium roofing material stores very little heat and cools quickly once it stops receiving direct sunlight.

Also, due to the overall strength of the aluminum roof panel, noise from rain, snow and small hail is not a problem for it.

Huawei is the largest selling brand of aluminum roof Sheets, offering world-class quality and variety. Huawei advocates the use of original 3105 aluminum alloy roofing and cladding to ensure long-lasting performance and aesthetics. Whether for industrial, commercial or residential use, Huawei has a range of low maintenance, high resale value options.

There are various options for Huawei aluminum roof Sheets, including Huawei Strong, Huawei Grantile, Huawei Wide and Huawei Tile.

Excellent design, durability, and cost-effectiveness make Huawei the best choice for any roofing needs.