Current Price of Aluminium Roof Sheets in Nigeria 2022

Aluminium roofing panels are fast becoming a trend for homeowners in Nigeria and around the world.
It is very durable and easy to use.
Unlike other metal roofing materials, aluminum roofing panels are not prone to rust and their coatings are durable.
Most manufacturers give homeowners a 25-50 year warranty on aluminum roof panels because of its long life and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.
This article gives you the cost of various types of aluminium roofing sheets in Nigeria. The price is quite high, but it’s not the most expensive roofing material in the country.
The cost depends on the type you are looking for and the thickness of the sheet.
Just like other consumer goods whose prices depend on supply and demand, the price of aluminium in Nigeria is bound to vary from place to place and from seller to seller.
Below is a brief description of various types of aluminium roofing sheets in Nigeria and their prices per unit thickness.

Types of Nigerian Aluminum Roof Sheets

Various Aluminium Roof Sheets in Nigeria are:

  • Large Span Aluminum Roof Sheet
  • Step tile aluminum roof panel
  • HuaWei Aluminum Roof Sheet

Aluminium Roof Sheets

Nigeria Long Span Aluminum Roof Sheet Prices

Long-span aluminium roofing sheets are by far the most commonly used roofing sheets for Nigerian homeowners. This type is much like a corrugated ir on a roof slab, with a slightly wider groove and steps at various intervals.
Large-span aluminum roof panels are divided into two categories: 0.55mm thickness and 0.45mm thickness.
The price of the 0.55mm model is 1650 yuan per meter, while the price of the 0.45mm model is about 1250 yuan per meter.

Nigeria Step Tile Aluminum Roof Sheet Price

The features of stepped tile aluminum roofing panels are similar to the design of long-span aluminum roofing panels. However, while long-span roofs feature long-spaced “steps”, stepped tile aluminum roof panels feature short-spaced “steps.” This is the name of the step tile.
The stepped tile aluminum roof is slightly more expensive than the long-span roof, and there are also two types: 0.55mm and 0.45mm.
The price of 0.55mm is about 1800 yuan per meter, while the price of 0.45mm is about 1400 yuan per meter.

HuaWei Aluminum Roof Sheet Price in Nigeria

HuaWei aluminium roofing sheet is the most expensive aluminium roofing sheet in Nigeria. It features a fluted triangular design similar to your regular corrugated iron roof slab, as well as closely spaced “step” bumps.
HuaWei aluminium roofing sheets are also available in two different forms: 0.55mm thick and 0.45mm thick.
The price of 0.55mm thick is about 1850 yuan per meter, while the price of 0.45mm thick is about 1450 yuan per meter.