Advantages of aluminium roofing sheet

Manufacturability: You wouldn’t want to install a rofin sheet that needs to be replaced in 10-20 سنين. هذه ميزة لسقف الألمنيوم على أنواع الأسقف الأخرى. ورقة تسقيف الألومنيوم can last for over 50 سنين.

وزن خفيف: الألمنيوم خفيف الوزن. مقارنة بأنواع أخرى من ألواح السقف, هذه الورقة مرنة وسهلة وسريعة التركيب. This type of roofing material can be applied to existing roofs without the need for ears or additional structural support. In fact, if you’re building a house or an addition, you can often downsize or reduce the number of roof support members.

aluminium roofing sheets

Thermal Conduction: Aluminum roof sheets reflect radiant heat from the sun, which in turn reduces heat during the day. Unlike other types of roof shingles, this shingle recycles the heat you feel during the day, which is especially important in a country like Nigeria where the day is scorching hot. Although the material itself has a low R-value for insulation, many systems take advantage of the dead air space between the aluminum and the roof deck to improve energy efficiency.

Characteristics of aluminum roof sheets

سهولة التركيب: Aluminum roof sheets are one of the easiest roof sheets to install. They can be installed in a day or two. Because the material is lightweight, يمكنك التوفير في هندسة وبناء الهياكل الداعمة. كما أنها غير مكلفة نسبيًا للتثبيت.

كلفة: هذا ليس خبرا, صفائح تسقيف الألومنيوم باهظة الثمن. نعم, هناك القوباء المنطقية أكثر تكلفة, لكنك ما زلت تتوقع أن تكون هذه الألواح الخشبية أرخص. هذا هو العيب الأكبر. إذا كنت تخطط للبقاء في المنزل أو المبنى لفترة طويلة, ثم نعم سيكون الأمر يستحق ذلك, ولكن إذا كنت تخطط للانتقال بعد بضع سنوات, قد لا تحصل على عائد كبير على استثمارك.

Customer Reviews aluminium roofing sheets

ضوضاء: This is a case of personal preference. While some people really like the sound of rain hitting their roof, some people hate it, and aluminum roof sheets don’t make it any better. Speaking of noise, don’t expect aluminum roofing sheets to be quieter than others, in fact, some designs are noisier. بالإضافة إلى ذلك, most metals contract and expand during the day as air temperatures rise and fall. The process is sometimes accompanied by some funny sounds, which don’t get any better with aluminum roofing sheets.

aluminium roofing sheets

What aluminium roofing sheets can we provide

We can produce many types of Aluminum roofing Sheet meeting your requirements.

  • 1) رتبة: AA1050 ,1070, 1100, 1200, 3003, 3004, 3105
  • 2) سماكة: 0.3mm – 1.5mm
  • 3) عرض: 600mm – 1500mm
  • 4) لين، لطف، هدأ: H1X, H2X
  • 5) طول: per customer requirement

Aluminum is not a common roofing material due to cost constraints and structural constraints. But as the industry has grown, further innovations have been introduced, addressing existing constraints around cost and structural constraints. Because this solution is cost-effective and easy to install compared to traditional solutions. Here are eight advantages of aluminum as a roofing material.

Corrosion Resistant: Aluminum resists weathering even in industrial environments. Because it contains no iron or steel, it won’t rust when exposed to the atmosphere.

Lightweight yet strong: Aluminium is a lightweight material compared to other roofing materials. This aids in transport and keeps structural weight to a minimum. It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio, even greater than steel.

سهولة التركيب: Compared to other materials, aluminum roof sheets have the shortest installation time. Construction workers can easily cut the sheet to the desired size and fasten it to the truss. In this way, labor costs and time for installation are reduced.

Save energy: In summer, a roof makes the interior of a building cooler despite the warmer outside temperatures. During the colder months, the aluminum roof will help keep the interior warm, which will help reduce heating costs and save energy.

Long-lasting solution: Aluminum roofs can last more than 50 سنين. ستكون التكلفة الأولية للتركيب لسقف الألمنيوم هي الاستثمار الوحيد لمرة واحدة في السقف. سيستمر هذا القسط لمرة واحدة طالما أقساط متعددة من حلول التسقيف الأخرى.

aluminium roofing sheets

جماليات: This is a malleable metal – when the material is bent or compressed, يحتوي على ذرات يمكن أن تنزلق فوق بعضها البعض. تعد مرونة المادة عاملاً رئيسيًا في تسهيل تشكيلها في نماذج وتصميمات جميلة.

الحفاظ على البيئة: لوح الألمنيوم لديه معدل إعادة تدوير أعلى. يمكن إعادة تدوير أسقف الألمنيوم ويمكن أن تتكون الأسطح من ما يصل إلى 90% المواد المعاد تدويرها.

أمان: تتميز ألواح السقف المصنوعة من الألمنيوم بمستويات أعلى من امتصاص الطاقة, قوة أفضل ومقاومة أعلى للانبعاج من ألواح السقف الأخرى. كما أنها غير قابلة للاشتعال وغير قابلة للاشتعال, مما يجعل ألواح السقف المصنوعة من الألومنيوم حلاً آمنًا وموثوقًا لتطبيقات الأسقف.

aluminium roofing sheets

ما هي مزايا تسقيف الألمنيوم مقارنة بمواد التسقيف الأخرى?

  • 1. الألمنيوم مطيل للغاية.

This is a quality of aluminum that makes it stand out from other roofing sheets such as asbestos and step tiles. Aluminum can be bent into any shape you want. This makes it a special roofing material for your home.

  • 2. A wide variety of colors add to the beauty of your home.

Have you ever seen a green aluminum roof? How does it look? Pretty, isn’t it? That’s one of your things; I will forever admire aluminum roofing sheets. They can be made in a color of your choice.

  • 3. Aluminum is beautiful.

yes! It is said that the beholder is in the eye of the beholder. It’s a common way of talking about women, but can I say beautiful buildings are just as good as women? sure. Aluminum usually comes in different colors. There are so many colors that you can choose colors that beautify your home more or match the colors of the paintings on your walls.

  • 4. Installation is very easy

Unlike other roofs that require deep skills and experience, aluminum roof sheets are so easy to install. All you have to do is cut the roof truss, nail it in the center at 1200mm and that’s it.

  • 5. Easy to disassemble

Something went wrong during installation? Simply remove the nails and re-fasten the board. Aluminium is that simple.