3004 Aluminum Roofing Sheet

3004 belongs to a series of aluminum-manganese alloys. It has higher strength than 3003, better alloy hardness and anti-rust function, excellent formability and good corrosion resistance. It requires parts with higher strength than 3003 alloy.

3004 Aluminum Roofing Sheet
3004 Aluminum Roofing Sheet

3004 Aluminum Roofing Sheet Production Process

Coating–Aluminum base coil–Press tile–Cutting board–Packaging

In order to protect the tile surface coating during production and transportation, a transparent film is generally applied when producing aluminum-based rolls.

3004 Aluminum Roofing Sheet Production Process
3004 Aluminum Roofing Sheet Production Process

3004 Aluminum Roofing Sheet Quality Assurance

3004 aluminum roof panel is a common aluminum alloy material with good quality assurance. The following are a few key points in terms of quality assurance of 3004 aluminum roof panels:

Material quality: 3004 aluminum roof panel is made of high-quality 3004 aluminum alloy material, which ensures the stability of its physical and chemical properties. This aluminum alloy has excellent corrosion resistance and strength properties, able to withstand a variety of environmental conditions.

Manufacturing process: 3004 aluminum roof panels are usually manufactured by professional manufacturers using advanced production technology and equipment. These processes and equipment ensure the precision, consistency and reliability of the products. Manufacturers usually follow strict quality control processes, including raw material selection, production process monitoring, and final product inspection, to ensure products meet relevant standards and specifications.

Durability and longevity: 3004 aluminum roofing panels have excellent durability and long life. They are resistant to corrosion, UV radiation, harsh weather conditions and other external elements. With proper installation and proper maintenance, these roof panels will retain their performance and appearance over time.

Certifications and Standards: High-quality 3004 aluminum roof panels usually meet relevant national or international quality certifications and standards. For example, ISO 9001 quality management system certification and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards, etc. Buying certified products from reputable manufacturers increases the reliability of product quality.

Supplier reputation: Choosing a reputable supplier or manufacturer is also an important factor to ensure the quality of 3004 aluminum roof panels. Supplier reputation can be assessed by referring to past customer reviews, understanding the supplier’s background and history, and communicating directly with them.

No matter what kind of product, quality assurance not only depends on the material itself, but also includes the production process, the manufacturer’s quality management system and the reputation of the supplier. Therefore, when purchasing 3004 aluminum roof panels, it is recommended to choose certified products from well-known manufacturers, and ensure full communication with suppliers to understand their quality assurance measures and after-sales service.

Packaging and Shipping

For transportation safety, wooden pallets and iron pallets are usually packaged according to the size of the goods.

Generally, the length does not exceed 6 meters, and the weight of a single pallet does not exceed 3 tons, and wooden pallets can be selected.

Packaging Of 3004 Aluminum Roofing Sheet
Packaging Of 3004 Aluminum Roofing Sheet

When the length is greater than 6 meters and the weight of a single support is greater than 2.5 tons, it is recommended to choose an iron support.

Packaging Accounting:

Add about 30MM to the length direction

Add about 60MM to the width direction

The height is calculated according to the general board and the height of the pressure tile is added


When the length of the goods does not exceed 6 meters, it can be loaded as normal. If the length exceeds 6 meters, it is recommended to replace the open top cabinet.

Shipping Of 3004 Aluminum Roofing Sheet
Shipping Of 3004 Aluminum Roofing Sheet

The maximum length of the forklift arm at the station is 2 meters. When the aluminum plate is too long, it is easy to be unevenly stressed and damage the goods during the loading process.


Used in: building constructions, decoration, printing, packing, electronics, communication industries,  aluminum panel solar mounting structure etc.

Tower roof etc

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Ghana, nigeria etc

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